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the key to healthWelcome to the world of holistic nutrition. Holistic nutrition not only includes the foods we eat and how we move (exercise/yoga) it involves everything we’re exposed to – thoughts and feelings; substances we breathe, wear and ingest; relationships and energy…all of which can be healthy or toxic.

Because there is so much misinformation out there, this site shares the real truth about what it takes to live well holistically. It relies heavily on the work of a dentist named  Weston A Price who taught of the importance of traditional ways. All the information shared has been critically evaluated for accuracy and objectivity.

Consider this site your health coach because knowledge is power.

Go ahead and explore. You’ll find articles and videos that inform and hopefully make you think. You’ll see that down the page on the right hand side is a list of popular topics. If something interests you, just click on it and you’ll be taken to the article(s) that addresses that issue. Whenever you see something in red print, click on it to further explore that topic, whether it be on this page, or within other posts or pages. I take objective research seriously and make it a point to provide respectable links.

Curious about my health journey, click here.

My new tag line is “real food.  it’s the new medicine” – find out here what that means.

Key to regaining our health is questioning the food pyramid and returning to traditional eating.

Do you wonder why we have an obesity epidemic and what you can do? Click here for the answer.

For the truth about saturated fats and cholesterol, click here.

To help heal your digestive system (and so much else) there’s Bone Broth and stock or try 7 Simple Steps.  For healing of both psychological and physical issues, consider GAPS (Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome).

And is “organic” really that important? You bet it is. If you’d like to know the specific mechanisms in the body that are harmed by the active ingredient in Roundup, click here.

Have you heard about probiotics? Click here to learn why good bacteria are an imperative to good health. And here’s one way to make your own. I also offer tips for fabulous fermentation.

What about all the ruckus about coconut oil? Is it healthy? and how do I consume it?

What about gluten?

There is much publicity from professional athletes to doctor shows to Panera Bread billboards about broth. This potentially (when made correctly) life saving liquid is delicious, easy to make and so healing. Find out more about it here.

And the debate over raw milk continues. You can view a YouTube video of the Harvard Food Law Society’s Raw Milk Debate here.

The decision to vaccinate IS a choice, and with good reason. Safety has NOT been proven and the dangers are very real. Please do your own research, starting here.  Here is an article about How Vaccines Make Humans GMOs.  This is serious.

And finally, the hidden elephant in the room…radiation.  Your cell phone is not benign.  Even electricity and meters need to be considered nowadays.  Read more here

These are some of the foundational articles to renewed health. I hope you enjoy reading them and doing your own research.

Find your own truth.
Make changes in your life.
So you can THRIVE…for REAL.

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