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Kombucha for Beginners


Booch in the pantry

Simple Kombucha Instructions – makes about ½ gallon

1. Bring about 6 ½ cups pure water to boil

2. Pour into glass vessel and add ½ cup sugar (or you can do this in the pot). Stir to dissolve.

3. Put in 4 tea bags and let steep (if fruit flies are around, cover with a clean towel)

4. When completely cool, add scoby (SYMBIOTIC COLONY OF BACTERIA & YEAST) and 1 cup starter tea

5. Cover with cloth and rubber band and set out of the way (70-75 degrees is nice) for 7-10 days. Label with date. I like to put “Love and Gratitude” on the label to, with lots of positive intentions.

Vessel size     Water Amount           Sugar Amount            Tea Amount                Starter Tea

Quart                2.5 cups                        .25 cup                      2 tea bags                   .5 cup

Gallon               13 cups                            1 cup                       8 tea bags                  2 cups


  • Use only organic tea bags, with no staples in them. NO METAL – SCOBYS NO LIKE. Green tea has less caffeine and scobys really like black tea. Buying boxes of 100 is very economical.  YES, you can use loose tea…in a dye free muslin bag is great.
  • Sugar – must be organic from sugar cane (may say dehydrated sugar cane juice). Costco is the best price I’ve seen ($8.99 for 10 pounds).
  • Non-chlorinated water is a MUST; filtered water is best.   Big grocery stores like Meijer have reverse osmosis machines where you can fill your non-BPA plastic jugs for less than 50 cents.
  • Kombucha scobys multiply with every batch – it’s a good idea to separate them each time and put the extras in a jar with some starter tea…a scoby “motel” if you will. Then you can share!
  • Your brewing kombucha likes temps around 70 and 80 degrees. Cooler…won’t grow as fast, and warmer….well, don’t do warmer if you can help it.
  • While brewing, your scoby may float or sink or grow weird stringy things. It’s all good.

Flavoring Your Booch (p.s. ~ you don’t HAVE to flavor it)

Chocolate mint sprigs - my favorite!

Chocolate mint sprigs – my favorite!

  • Once your kombucha is brewed the way you like it (usually 7-10 days) (you can stick a straw in it while it’s brewing, put your finger over it, pull it out and taste it), pour it into a glass measuring cup or pitcher (this makes it easier to pour into bottles). You can store it in any size GLASS vessel.
  • Place flavoring (i.e. mint, ginger, blueberries, grapes, other pieces of fruit) in the bottom of the bottles.
  • Pour in the kombucha and put lids on your vessels.
  • Place the vessels in the cupboard for another 2-10 days – the longer the bubblier. Then put in frig.

Great websites for “booch”ers ~

kombuchakamp.com                 culturesforhealth.com                oregonkombucha.com

This post is dedicated to all the new “boochers” from my WLACE classes,  Nourishing the Lakeshore, Fermenting the Lakeshore, Moondrop Herbals and my most recent detox group.

As always, wishing you REAL food, for REAL health, so you can be REAL happy.


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