05 April 2012 ~ 5 Comments

No More Rat Killer


Today marks my one year anniversary of being off rat killer. Yes, you read it right, I consumed the same substance that is used to exterminate little varmints, for four months (after the mishap). If I knew then what I know now, I would have found alternative natural substances to thin my blood. The more we educate on the REAL truth, the more we can challenge the misinformation that is harming us when we have the best of intentions to do the right thing.

Back to the rat killer or warfarin as it’s called when given to human beings. Its active ingredient has an interesting history. In 1921, cows were bleeding to death after eating rotting clover. The substance responsible was isolated and in 1948 warfarin was put on the market as a rodenticide. Three years later a young Army recruit tried to kill himself taking rat killer, was treated with Vitamin K and didn’t die, so the pharmaceutical companies realized they could market this substance and probably not kill people.

However, the side effects can make you wish you were dead. It made me ache so bad I couldn’t move when I woke up, gave me bizarre wave like feelings in my head and body, made it difficult to perform some cognitive functions and broke down my teeth. These are the issues I am aware of.

That’s why I’m excited it has been a year since I took my last dose because this med did a number on my body. The longer I get away from it, the better I feel. I’ve spoken to biochemists and naturopaths on the dangers of this prescribed substance, which is the standard of care in allopathic medicine, and all they can do is apologize that I was given warfarin and had to suffer the consequences. The doctors that prescribed it had the very best of intentions and I thank them for that. However, if I ever again have an identified need to thin my blood, I will do it in a manner that doesn’t break down other parts of my body.

I have since found out blood thinning can be done through diet, cod liver oil consumption and the use of herbs. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. That’s why I want people to do their own investigating. Be open to new information. Remember that a lot of substances – drugs, food additives, pesticides – were once considered safe and then were taken off the market after they did a whole lot of damage.

Be careful.
YOU are your body’s expert.

Until next time, wishing you Real Food for Real Health so you can be Real Happy

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