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Real Food. It’s the New Medicine.

A typical breakfast

A typical breakfast*


Welcome to 2015 health conscious truth seekers.  I decided to take a friend’s suggestion and change my tag line.  I hesitated because it was Hippocrates, way back in 460 B who said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  That’s hardly new.  Of course, back then, all food was organic, heirloom and chemical free.  But then through the ages, especially in the last 50 years, our food supply experienced a toxic transformation.  Simultaneously and insidiously, the food industry and Big Pharma took over the media to create a perfect storm against good health.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of folks who see that the resulting food-like substances being passed off as “healthy” can’t build and sustain healthy cells, tissues, organs or bodies, and they contain toxic ingredients and chemical residues from pesticides and processing. To top it all off, a good share of the time in this country, if we’re eating processed food, we’re eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Unlike other countries, the U.S. doesn’t even have to label these Frankenfoods.

The result of the food monster?  We get sick.  So, we turn to the doctor for help.  But we have been blinded by Big Pharma to the reality of the chemical medications.  The side effects alone should be clear warning that something is not right.  It is a fact that many medications are prescribed (or taken over the counter) for more than a year or two, even though they had never been tested for long-term use.  To add insult to injury, synthetic drugs aren’t adequately tested for potential antagonistic effects when used with the countless other drugs out there on the market. The kicker is this:  many also damage the digestive tract and keep us from being able to take in nutrients we need to heal and stay healthy.  Scary.

So,  our well meaning doctors who are under the heavy influence of Big Pharma are maintaining the widespread delusion that chemicals created in a lab are somehow the answer when the body breaks down.  Because the breakdown is from too many toxins and/or not enough nutrients, the perfect storm of ruined food and medicines engulfs us in wave after wave of sickness, or, at least, chronically bad health.

To regain health and maintain it, we must first build a healthy body.  Most importantly, we can only do this with real food.  When we eat real food we build a strong body that can thrive and handle the demands of our modern world.  Real food is food grown in our own communities (so it’s still fresh and nutrient rich) on organic farms (to minimize toxins and increase minerals).  Real food needs to be from grass-fed, free range animals and wild harvested fish , raised, caught and/or harvested by ourselves or our neighbors (good for  self-esteem and the local economy), and prepared traditionally.

Whew!  Does that sound complicated?  Nah.

It’s really quite simple to be healthy.  We can do it — once we are able to get past the artificial reality created by mass media for the benefit of the food and drug industries.  We can reclaim real food for all the pleasure and health benefits it brings to us and our families.  Then we break the cycle of illness and enjoy vibrant health.  We can thrive.

Of course, we’ll still get sick now and then.  There will be times when our immune system is challenged.  When this happens, we need to reject harmful drugs and instead look to natural remedies to heal infections and relieve discomfort. (Although, when there’s an accident, modern medicine IS the place to turn to for trauma care.)  We are lucky.  Our ancestors and current health trail blazers provide us with a cornucopia of effective and safe medicines in the form of herbs, essential oils, naturopathy and homeopathy, chiropractic, massage, even physical therapy.

Now, this is where I come in.

When clients come to me, it’s usually because they have a current issue of dis-function with their bodies. They’ve been caught in or are trying to avoid that perfect storm of ruined foods and toxic medications. I teach them to reclaim real food for themselves and their family and lead them to natural remedies that can heal and build health – – instead of just masking symptoms.

How to start?  For the newbies to my site, here are some examples of healing foods:

Coconut oilAlzheimers,blood sugar stabilization, weight management, hair, skin, nails and so much more

Bone broth – digestive healing, building teeth, bones and joints, aiding absorption of nutrients for a strong body

Fermented foods – digestive health, skin issues, mental health, weight management, VITAL for health

Whole grains (still thought to be super foods) – if not prepared properly or if someone is sensitive, are responsible for everything from weight gain/loss, to brain fog, skin eruptions, fatigue, bloating and diseases like Celiac.

Plague Tonic   – the only flu shot I’ll ever recommend.

We’ve got to get back to the basics and build our bodies with real food.  It’s the new medicine.


* Typical Breakfast for me includes 2-3 pieces of local, free range bacon, 2 (local, non-gmo fed, grazers) eggs, a fried shredded purple potato (love that resveritrol) with onion (all from Sweetwater Organic Local Foods Market),   organic true sourdough kamut (an ancient grain) toast with ghee (since I can’t do butter – if you’re not allergic – EAT BUTTER!!!), a tablespoon or two of homemade sauerkraut (made with cabbage and carrots from Earthscape and Maple Moon), and a cup of warm bone broth (made with chicken bones from Hickory Ridge or beef bones from Crane Dance).

This breakfast is far from the unnatural and cruel modern dietary recommendations that leave us hungry and unsatisfied.  Recommendations that don’t specify organics and are low-fat are based on sales, not health.  Eating truly healthy foods like those pictured above changes our relationship with food.  Eating is a nourishing and very satisfying experience.

Forever wishing you real food for real health so you can be real happy.

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