Thrive for Real provides both individual (in person and on Skype) and group counseling in holistic wellness with an emphasis on traditional foods. We also offer high integrity products for use in and on the body. Thrive for Real will meet you where you are in your journey toward radiant health.

Together we can:
* sort through the mis-information about health and nutrition
* devise a plan and set goals just for your unique path back to optimum health
* hold you accountable to follow your plan
* monitor your progress and adjust your goals to optimize health based on your own lifestyle and practical experience

Shopping tutorials, cooking lessons and pantry makeovers are available, also.

GAPS (Gut and Psychology/Gut and Physiology) counseling is available one on one, in small groups and at the GAPS on the Lakeshore support group in Muskegon.

You may call Lisa at 231-288-7221 to schedule a consultation. You may also complete the contact form below for more information or if you are interested in hosting a group education session.

Specifically, Thrive for REAL can help You:
– Learn the relationship between the Standard American Diet (SAD) and why most people are sick – despite following the USDA Guidelines
– Remove toxins from in, on and around your body that contribute to illness
– Build a healthy “gut” with probiotics and fermented foods you can make
– Learn how to make traditional foods be your medicine to heal and build a strong, radiant, pain free body
– Apply the principles of traditional diets to raise happy, healthy children
– Learn the keys to cure depression, anxiety and ADHD with amino acid therapy
– Understand the effects of GMOs, pesticide residues, gluten & mercury fillings
Figure out the real truth about health and what you can do!

There is no greater investment you can make than an investment in your wellness.


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