Read what clients are saying about the guidance they receive from Lisa…

“Lisa’s knowledge and expertise has made a tremendous impact on the health of my family. Her services are a must for every family. She is well worth the investment.” ~ Allison, attorney and mother of 4.

“Lisa is thoughtful and intentional in working with her clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable and so helpful. Our family has been incredibly blessed to have Lisa’s help. She has helped with anxiety, autoimmune disorders, gut health, ADHD and other behavioral issues, and has been so insightful on implementing a healthy diet (which is such a fundamental building block to real health!)” ~ Jodi, univirtual assistant

“Without a doubt, Lisa has gotten me on the ‘RIGHT’ path to health! I no longer experience sleepless nights (drug free) and am not feeling the exhausting nagging episodes of anxiety. What a blessing to have my health back “naturally'”. ~ Rose, retired hairdresser

“I am so thankful I found Lisa; she helped me get out of a black hole. I was having multiple health issues with my stomach, joints, depression, headaches. I seriously did not know how I was going to get better because traditional western medicine was not helping me. Now I feel like a new person. Lisa helped me feel better through simple- back to basics eating and natural healing. I feel good and will continue my journey discovering natural health.” ~ Deb, nurse

“Lisa really made me think. I am doing so well it’s hard to believe I am even the same person I was healthwise. I know I am healing as well as staying out of so much pain. Thanks for helping me fix me.” ~ Nina, retired therapist

“Lisa has not only helped me become a healthly person physically but also mentally. The wisdom she shares also allows me to help my family. Preventative health is our new health, and I thank Lisa. She is VERY knowledgeable and extremely passionate about wellness.” ~ Sarah, wife and mother, stylist

“Lisa is an excellent resource for answering questions, giving advice and professional insight on feeling healthy without the unnatural side effects caused by medication. She was able to help in dealing with extreme back pain and the emotional stress that comes from hurting. Lisa is a living example of what she teaches, that’s what I appreciate the most.” ~Deborah, therapist

“Lisa’s information packed group presentation at our home covered numerous aspects of holistic nutrition for all ages. Her abundance of knowledge was impressive, inspirational and her tips were easy to follow. I have never been this motivated to begin a nutritional program that is beneficial to both my mind and body!” ~ Audrey, teacher

“My doctor explained that my somewhat vague symptoms were due to a gluten sensitivity and he gave me a list of foods and products to avoid. I was overwhelmed and confused. I tried for a while to figure it out but then decided to meet with Lisa. She helped me figure out what to eat and what to remove from my diet. We also looked at lifestyle and environment and customized a plan that I can live with. Her guidance and advice have made a difference in my life.” ~ Jackie, financial advisor

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real food.  it’s the new medicine.

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